How Are Your Relationships?

Relationships matter. All relationships matter. While many overuse the term it is a fact that they matter all the time. Most importantly who you are in relationships with and then how you RELATE to them. The primary issue facing relationships today is focus. Focus of time and energy has a direct and lasting impact on […]

How Clear is Your Mind?

As I write this, I am just a day away from leaving on my annual ride with my buddies to Sturgis, South Dakota. Sturgis is the largest motorcycle rally in the world. Thousands of bikers descend on this small South Dakota town every year for a week. We always ride, never trailer. Here’s why. The […]

What Energy Do You Create Around You?

As I write this, I am on a plane flying to Chicago. The reason I am going there is to do the first phase of a three phase series on leading. This first phase, or pillar as we call it, is about culture and how culture drives results. At the core of that is a […]

Why Should Billy Graham Matter to You?

Regardless of your faith or lack of it. Regardless of whether you are an atheist an agnostic or a believer, Billy Graham is an example to us all. First let me say that I never hold any one person up as THE example of anything. But as I thought about how one person could have […]

Ever Had a Great Idea?

Throughout the course of our lives we come up with ideas, inventions, opinions, solutions etc, etc.  If we really love the idea we enthusiastically share it and think about it.  Has that ever happened to you?  If you are like most people it has happened.  What also happens is that there are varying degrees of […]

When is the Low Road the High Road?

The fact is, if you live long enough, you are going to get betrayed, taken advantage of or treated unkindly. That’s life and if none of that ever happens to you then you just aren’t living large enough or far enough out on the limb. The question is how do you know which course of […]

How Much Should You Tolerate?

Boundaries are lines of distinction. A place where something starts and another ends. The importance of personal boundaries cannot be overstated. Boundaries are one of the keys to a healthy and clear way of seeing the world and relating to people. There is often a misunderstanding about the nature and use of them. There are […]

Do You Have a Place?

An hour ago I got back from a walk on the beach. You know, trying to get my steps in so this pesky bracelet on my arm doesn’t bug me for failing at my goals. What can I say….. it works. As I walked down the beach the wind was at my back. I was […]

Is There Peace?

I am in New York. I was fortunate enough to have a few hours of free time so I went online and purchased a guided tour ticket to the 9/11 Memorial Museum. Others have told me about how well done the museum is and how moving it was. It was breezy, cool and raining consistently […]

What Is Going On?

This month I want to share a brief message that my friend sent to his staff after the Dallas shooting. Leo Ardine is the CEO of United Teletech Credit Union in New Jersey. His daughter sent him a text expressing her sadness about the recent tragedies going on in our country. His response moved me […]

Are You Kidding Me?

If you have been reading this blog for any time at all, you know I think that a constant need to feel comfortable limits our potential and the results we create. Every major or minor accomplishment that has meant anything to you in your life has required that you work through discomfort. Yet for some […]

How do you manage your moods/emotions?

The management of moods is key to a life of purpose and productivity. Too many people believe that being in a “good mood” is best. They attempt to talk you out of a “bad mood.” Perhaps you tend to be hard on yourself when your mood is down or anxious or angry or any of […]

How Do You Deal With Angry and Hostile People?

Laura and I were recently pulled over by a police officer while out riding our motorcycle. It was a beautiful Sunday and we had a great day. On our way home, about a block from home, there is a four way stop. I came to a complete stop but did not put my feet down […]

Peace On Earth?

The holiday season is here. Doesn’t feel very cheery, does it? The sentiment this time of year, regardless of the way you celebrate or whether you celebrate at all, is centered around the idea of peace. Let’s face it – you can’t really make a case for peace on earth at this point in human […]

Does Sturgis SD Matter To You? It Should!

As you read this, I am on my way to (or perhaps already in) Sturgis for the 75th annual motorcycle rally. It’s THE biker event of the year. Whether you ride or don’t isn’t relevant. The rally matters because of what it means to me and to most of those that attend. It represents community, […]

How Complex Does It Really Need To Be?

Many of you know that I took a 5400 mile ride on my Harley in August from Florida to South Dakota through Moab,Utah the Colorado Rockies then home. I was gone for 14 days. For two weeks I had my bike, a bag strapped to my sissy bar and a back pack. Had the time […]

Surviving the Storms of Life

I am stunned, as I know you are, at the utter devastation and chaos that is being experienced in Mississippi and Louisiana as I write this. I urge you to find a way to help. The Red Cross, as an example, is desperate for donations. As I was watching CNN last night I was amazed […]

Are You Intellectually Benevolent?

Benevolence has to do with being generous, giving and kind. This month, I am wondering if you are intellectually generous, giving and kind, or do you find yourself far too quick to judge or evaluate someone or something else simply because they are different than you or what you believe? I am on Facebook personally, […]

Is it REALLY Noisy or Is It Just Me?

When was the last time you stopped and noticed the noise around you? Just stop right now and listen. It’s not just the keys on the computer keyboards being used by people in the office, or the wind outside, or the truck driving by, it’s internal noise as well. We are bombarded with so much […]

Are You Ready?

This month I am going to ask you to look at something that isn’t that pleasant to look at. Loss. A week ago, my biological father died unexpectedly. On some levels we were ready; on others, nobody was ready. I am challenging you to ask yourself if you are ready for that kind of loss. […]