Why Should Billy Graham Matter to You?

Regardless of your faith or lack of it. Regardless of whether you are an atheist an agnostic or a believer, Billy Graham is an example to us all. First let me say that I never hold any one person up as THE example of anything. But as I thought about how one person could have […]

Can You Please Put Your Phone Down and Look Up?

I was walking through the Atlanta airport recently and I noticed how many people were walking while looking down at their mobile device. Then there she was, out of the crowd a woman looking down at her phone, walking right toward me on a direct collision course. Hmmmmm, do I move or do I let […]

How Smart Are You?

Most coaches (executive, athletic, etc.) will tell you that playing up is necessary for real performance improvement. Playing up is how willing you are to spend time around those that are smarter, more talented or further along their development path than you are. Doing that stimulates you to play up to the higher level of […]

Are You Playing To Win Or Playing Not To Lose?

In many ways, we have let the pendulum swing too far in the “can’t we all get along” direction. While I think it’s a good idea to look out for each other and to live in alignment with our values I think it’s not a good idea to play things too conservatively. The papers this […]

Do the Small Things get in the way of the Big Things?

Bakersfield is a city in Southern California, near the southern end of the (drought stricken) San Joaquin Valley. I was there for a speaking engagement and was invited to dinner with a large group. I was fortunate to sit next to a gentleman that is a BIG time farmer and sits on the California Water […]

Role or Purpose?

All of us have roles. We are leaders, agents, employees, parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives etc, etc. We perform numerous tasks based on the roles we identify ourselves in. While these roles are important and help us build our perception of ourselves and our lives, I am wondering if there might be a deeper, more […]

Does Sturgis SD Matter To You? It Should!

As you read this, I am on my way to (or perhaps already in) Sturgis for the 75th annual motorcycle rally. It’s THE biker event of the year. Whether you ride or don’t isn’t relevant. The rally matters because of what it means to me and to most of those that attend. It represents community, […]

Why Are Shoulds So Bad for You?

A should is simply an expectation imposed (emphasis on imposed) by us on another person or circumstance. The worst kind of shoulds are those imposed on ourselves. The reason they are so bad for you and your family and work is that they are usually irrational or worse. Now before you go getting all uptight […]

Do You Think?

With all of the swirling information and competing priorities being thrown at us every day, not only from the media but from friends and family and all manner of sources of opinion, it is critical that WE think. It occurred to me last week on a flight from San Francisco, that too often in life […]

Do You Need to Lose Weight?

The number one New Years resolution is about losing weight. I was on a cruise recently and made the mistake of having a toxicity evaluation. They measured my body fat, metabolic rate, lean body mass, etc. Why I would do that on a cruise is beyond me. But what I found interesting was the amount […]

Can You Be Still?

I saw a commercial over the holidays that had the line, “Sure, you are active, but why?” This month I want to encourage you to be still. If you are like most people, you are very busy. Think of all the times you have been asked how you are doing and you have answered, “Busy.” […]

Get Things In Focus

Vacations are ending, summer’s heat is fading, school is back in session, and the days will soon get shorter. The hectic pace of life is returning and as it does, it’s important to maintain focus on the things that REALLY matter. Some years ago I went to the doctor because I was concerned about my […]

How Wise Are You?

These days, you have access to mountains of information. You can discover answers to almost any question by simply typing your question into a search engine. You go to seminars, classes, read blogs, books and brochures. You watch videos, listen to podcasts, attend webinars, Twitter, and join braintrusts and any number of other think tank […]

Who Should You Blame?

From the time we are very young, we engage in a game of blame. How many times do parents ask their kids why they did something and get the answer, “Everybody does it” or, “Because so-and-so did it”? How often do we hear adults blame themselves, their environment, the market, their significant other, their heredity, […]

Do You Feel Things Are Out Of Control?

If you have not been able to break away from your interest in the news, then I am certain you are riding the ups and downs of the geopolitical world we are now living in. There was a time when only my real estate clients were actually experiencing the turmoil. Now everyone is feeling it; […]

Are You Competitive?

I watched the Olympics for the last couple of weeks. Talk about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat! There is nowhere that the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat is any more evident. I was struck by the focus and commitment the athletes have to their sport. Whether it was […]

Are You About Effort or Achievement?

“Effort is admirable, achievement is essential.” This is what I heard the Fortune 500 CEO, John Chambers of CISCO Systems, say just before I went on to speak. I could have just stood up and said, “Well, that just about sums it up folks. Thanks for coming!” I didn’t, of course, but he did pretty […]

Are Your Ducks in a Row?

Over the last few weeks, I have heard several people say they were getting their ducks in a row. I think that is another way of saying they are getting things in order. Nikki is the managing broker of a real estate office in Houston, Texas. She shared an interesting twist on that phrase with […]

Is Your Life Balanced?

If it is, stop reading this and begin to write a book. I didn’t ask if you knew something about it or if you attended a seminar on it. I mean, is your life really balanced? The point is, I think life balance is a futile pursuit, and it leads to unnecessary pressure and guilt. […]

Are You Burnt Out?

There I was sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for a flight when WHAM I got hit with what felt like a bolt of lightening. Screaming kids, inadequate air conditioning, flight delay and two weeks on the road all contributed to the realization that I simply was not happy, and I didn’t want to do […]