Who’s This Guy Mike Staver?

Mike Staver is an expert on leadership. You, like most people, hear a lot about leadership. You get to see examples of it (or the lack of it) every day from the news to politics to your community, family and work. What is leadership? What is a leader’s primary job? How do leaders lead in a way that gets results while creating a great place to work? Sifting through the theory, information and experience of leadership is what coach and leadership expert Mike Staver has dedicated the last 20+ years to.

0Unlike many coaches and speakers Mike takes noisy, often complex, leadership content and makes it immediately useful, digestible and entertaining. That combination has influenced over 200,000 people in ways that not only transforms thinking and action but improves results. His counterintuitive perspective and his story telling style combined with an entertaining delivery makes the often challenging realities of work and life easier to absorb, hear and adjust to.

Mike encourages people to carefully and fully examine how their leadership is deeply personal and completely attainable if they are focused and aware of who they are, what they believe and how they influence (or should influence) others. His message is grounded in the belief that leadership is about influence regardless of position, title or power. Understanding and applying that increases performance quickly and thoroughly.

Companies like Federal Express, Miracle Ear, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Mayo Clinic, Allstate and many more have repeatedly invited him to contribute to the development of their leaders.

Mike has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a Masters in Counseling Psychology and is a Certified Speaking Professional. Some of his work has been recognized by Training magazine as top 10 in the world and he has been recognized by Meetings and Conventions Magazine as one of the 40 hottest (no, not that kind of hot) speakers in America. He has conducted industry-specific research on the traits that make leaders thrive and has had those findings built into a one of a kind national leadership certification.

There’s more, but frankly….while all of that took a lot of work the real work was done in the years of day to day experience leading people and finding out what works and what doesn’t (honestly, probably more was learned from what didn’t work). Those lessons were learned as a leader in organizations ranging from health care to high-end security and surveillance to representing employers in a variety of employee dispute issues. He took those experiences and built a successful coaching practice that specialized in helping people build lives and careers that worked better for them.


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