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Even the best of intentions aren’t enough.

You’re smart. You have good intentions. And you want to have a meaningful impact on those around you. But leadership is hard, and it doesn’t come with instructions. 
The challenges are:

But you don’t have to do it alone. Mike has helped leaders gain the clarity and courage they need to become better leaders. 

Here’s what you’re up against…

A recent Gallup State of the American Workplace report revealed some serious gaps in leadership:

How can Mike be most helpful?

Available in-person, live-remote, or virtually

Are You Looking for a Speaker for Your Next Event?

Mike’s message is straightforward, authentic, and will engage and entertain even the toughest crowd. His unique insight and proven advice will change the way you lead.

Are You Looking for One-On-One Coaching?

Get the insight you need, along with the necessary support and accountability, to make lasting changes so you can lead with clarity and confidence and create a culture of excellence. 

Do You Want to Bring Out the Best in Your Team through Ongoing Skill Development Training?

Get access to more than 30 years of Mike’s research and practical leadership experience through Customized Trainings, Coaching Certification, and Staver OnDemand to maximize the potential of your team, your culture, and your organization.

Are You Looking for a Partner to Consult with Your Team on a Longer-Term Project?

Whether you need guidance through a transition or help with a specific challenge in your organization, Mike provides expert advice and a customized plan to overcome obstacles and move forward. 

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Our Process

Being a great leader starts with choosing to become one.

1. We’ll talk about the specific challenges you or your organization are facing.

2. We’ll determine the best strategy and tactics to address those challenges.

3. You’ll get the support and accountability you need to grow your leadership and business.

Who is Mike Staver?

Author of Leadership Isn’t for Cowards, Mike is an internationally respected speaker and leadership coach.

What is Mike’s Leadership Philosophy?

If you ask Mike, leadership has nothing to do with authority, job title, or position. Leadership is about one thing: influence. And that is something we all can have. The key is using it to drive engagement and performance to move your business forward. 

For over 30 years, Mike has helped leaders like you: 

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Trusted By the World's Most Influential Leaders

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Leadership Audit

We all have blind spots.

Helping your people succeed is the calling of a leader. To do that, you need a solid leadership development plan in place. The first step? Take a good look at where you are starting from so you can get to where you want to go.

In just 10 questions, our Leadership Audit will:

Mike Staver: Helping Leaders Perform Better

You can’t show up for others until you show up for yourself. 

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