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Are you hungry to learn?

By Mike Staver | February 27, 2019

Perhaps there is no better skill to have and master than the skill of curiosity. Having a sincere interest in learning and understanding seems to me to be a much nobler pursuit than having a sincere interest in being understood. What opportunities do we miss when we are concerned that people understand US. What relationships…

Success leads to happiness or happiness leads to success?

By Mike Staver | January 23, 2019

That question has been the source of debate from the halls of academia to the board rooms of corporations to parenting classes and beyond. Do happy people accomplish more or does accomplishing more make them happy? Since we were children, you and I have been taught both subtly and directly that if we work hard…

How often do you get defensive?

By Mike Staver | January 23, 2019

If you over-explain yourself, make it someone else’s problem, or tend to think or say that you did what you did because someone else did what they did, then you are challenged with being defensive. If you are not open to this blog and willing to consider that from time to time you may get…

What do you stand for?

By Mike Staver | January 23, 2019

Some time ago I asked one of my clients to answer that question. He was surprised at how difficult it was to come up with an answer. When I asked him what his sales numbers were the previous month, he was able to recite them without a second thought. It is not that the numbers…

Do you love what you are doing? Does it matter?

By Mike Staver | January 23, 2019

If you listen carefully, you can hear the murmur of debate. The debate is whether people should be doing something they love for work. Should people be actively enjoying their work and living out at least part of their purpose in life through their careers? In 2013, Gallup released some research that indicated 24% of…

Does generosity pay off?

By Mike Staver | January 23, 2019

Give and it will be given to you. That’s part of the tradition I was raised in. Be nice, be helpful, be generous and ultimately it will come back to you. With all due respect, I am not certain that is true at all. It is certainly a good character quality to be generous. It’s…

How well do you know and live by your core values?

By Mike Staver | January 23, 2019

Your core values matter, all the time. There is much talk about core values. There are courses on identifying your core values. I have written and taught extensively about core values. I am a believer in them as the core of who we are as people. A few things to know about your core values.…

How to stay calm under pressure?

By Mike Staver | January 23, 2019

Whether you are a leader, a follower, or both, there is always pressure. Home, work, and even play can create tension. While there are many things that are great about the “technology age,” the speed and volume of information has created an enormous strain on individuals and organizations. If you are feeling the pressure, you’ve…

What exactly is incrementalism?

By Mike Staver | January 23, 2019

According to roughly 45% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions and yet fewer than 8% ever achieve them. Why? Too Lazy? No Discipline? Some other self-critical reason? I don’t think any of those are the reasons. I think the American way is to do things big. We like big cars, big meals, etc. In…

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Apologizing to Someone you Dislike

By Mike Staver | June 17, 2024

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Psychological Impact of the Digital Age

By Mike Staver | June 10, 2024

  In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” Mike shares his insights on how the digital age fosters a sense of immediacy and anxiety due to the constant flow of information and notifications. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing that most things are not as urgent as they seem and advocates for taking digital holidays…

Cultivating Resilience

By Mike Staver | June 3, 2024

  In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” Mike Staver discusses the topic of cultivating resilience in the face of constant change and uncertainty. He emphasizes the importance of pressing forward and asking good questions during difficult times. Mike and his producer, Marty, share their insights on how to develop resilience, including being mindful of…

Early Adulthood Mistakes

By Mike Staver | May 27, 2024

  In this week’s enlightening episode of “Mondays with Mike,” our host, Mike, engages in a candid conversation with a guest, tackling the significant challenges individuals face in their mid-twenties to early thirties. They share wisdom and the lessons learned through the lens of hindsight. The episode takes a deep dive into personal growth and…


By Mike Staver | May 17, 2024

  In this insightful episode of Mondays with Mike, our host dives into the topic of empathy, answering an important question posed by a listener:: “Can empathy be learned and enhanced?” Mike engages his audience with a candid discussion on the significance of empathy and its impact on personal and professional relationships. He asserts that…

Staying Optimistic

By Mike Staver | May 13, 2024

  In this inspiring installment of “Mondays with Mike,” our host delves into the juxtaposition of enduring life’s challenges while fostering an optimistic mindset. The episode unpacks the nuances between happiness and optimism, providing listeners with actionable insights on maintaining a positive outlook amidst adversity. Mike introduces the concept of optimism as defined by Martin…

Balancing Individualism and Community

By Mike Staver | May 6, 2024

  In this thought-provoking episode of Mondays with Mike, listeners are treated to a candid conversation exploring the delicate balance between individualism and community participation. Starting with a light-hearted non-sponsorship acknowledgement of Voss water, Mike dives into a viewer-submitted question that challenges many: how do we maintain our sense of self while actively contributing to…

Personal Failure and Growth

By Mike Staver | April 29, 2024

  Episode Summary: In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” Mike Staver and his co-host discuss the ways in which personal failure can lead to greater understanding and growth. They start by acknowledging that not everyone learns from failure, as some people give up after experiencing setbacks. However, they emphasize the importance of learning from…

The Evolution of Identity

By Mike Staver | April 22, 2024

  Episode Summary: In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” Mike Staver discusses how the concept of identity evolves over the course of a lifetime. He emphasizes the importance of personal growth, expanding one’s view of oneself and the world, and being open to new experiences. Mike highlights that a stagnant identity can hinder personal…

The Paradox Principle

By Mike Staver | April 15, 2024

  Episode Summary: In this episode of “Monday’s with Mike,” Mike Staver addresses the role of intuition versus analytical thinking in making major life decisions. He introduces the concept of the paradox principle, which suggests that seemingly contradictory ideas can actually work together. Mike explains that it is possible to be both intuitive and analytical,…

Maintaining Authenticity

By Mike Staver | April 8, 2024

  Episode Summary: In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” host Mike Staver addresses the question of how to maintain authenticity in a world that often rewards conformity. He emphasizes the importance of living in alignment with one’s core values while respecting the differences and beliefs of others. Staver highlights the need to strike a…

Managing Irritability

By Mike Staver | April 1, 2024

  Episode Summary: In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” Mike Staver addresses a question about increasing irritability and reactivity. He discusses whether these emotions are caused by external factors or internal factors. Mike explains that frustration tolerance and impulse control play a significant role in managing irritability. He suggests getting a physical check-up to…

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