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Returns & Exchanges

First and foremost, congratulations on investing in your development, and thank you for coming to us to help with that process. As shocking as it is, we realize there may (from time to time) be a challenge with an investment you have made. We hate it when that happens! Here’s what we do on that rare occasion:

Well, that’s not completely true. We will ask ourselves lots of questions: “What happened?”  “Where did we go wrong?” “How can we do better next time?” “Can we go home early?” “Will we ever win the lottery?” and the most often-asked question, by Americans at least, “Would you like fries with that?”  Here’s the bottom line (cliché alert): If you’re not happy, we’re not happy!


Refund Policy


Check it out – we will even pay to have it shipped back if you don’t want it. Seriously! That’s just how cool we are about it.  Here’s the easiest thing to do. Give us a call and chat with one of our very friendly “make people happy people” at 904-321-0877 or send an email to INFO@MIKESTAVER.COM.

They live for your exuberance and for the chance to WOW you.

If you don’t trust the mail system, then send it in some way that can be traced. The fact is, we are going to take your word that you sent the item back, so send it regular mail unless you are really that paranoid.  An email will be sent to you once your package has been received by us to ease any concerns you may have.  We doubt you are lying awake at night worried about it, but we want to keep you in the loop.

We will pay you back the way you paid us. That’s fair, right? As much as we have tried, we cannot control the banking system, so the speed with which it shows up on your statement is up to them.

Please send your return or exchange to:

The Staver Group
1417 Sadler Road, #319
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034


Shipping & Handling Policy


Orders placed Monday-Friday before Noon (EST) will begin processing immediately and ship that day, assuming we have what you want and your credit card is approved. Orders placed Saturday, Sunday, or holidays will ship on the next business day. (We take weekends off.  Don’t tell Mike!)




Links for any download ordered will be sent to your email address immediately after the order has been accepted online. If you experience problems with your download link, please contact our “make people happy people” at INFO@MIKESTAVER.COM or call 904-321-0877.

The Staver Group will contact you with a follow-up email if the merchandise you have selected is currently out of stock or if additional identification is needed for credit authorization.

The Staver Group uses the U.S. Postal Service for delivery unless you want us to use some other method and want to pay for it. Mike will even deliver it personally if you want to pay for him to do that.  (FYI, it will cost a lot!) International orders are not accepted online.  Unfortunately we haven’t figured out how to get our system to do all that fancy money stuff for foreign currency, etc. If you are from another country, please call us. We would love to set you up with some cool stuff.


Sales Tax


No sales tax will be added to your order. The Staver Group absorbs the cost of sales tax like a sponge and wrings it out to the respective tax agencies simply because we like you. Think of it as a bonus. You’re welcome.


Privacy Statement


We neither sell nor share your information with outside companies or third parties.  When you purchase anything from us, we collect your name, billing and shipping addresses, phone number, e-mail address, and credit card information. You provide this information so we can process and ship your order. We respect your privacy by not selling or sharing this information with anyone.
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Online Security


Your credit card is completely safe.  We take your privacy and personal information seriously. Protecting your information is our highest priority. Because of that commitment, we are certain to process your payment in the most confidential and respectful manner available.

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