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No one ever said leadership was going to be easy.

Here’s the deal. Leadership is hard and uncomfortable. The days are long and the stress is high. Every single choice you make impacts someone’s life. And the last thing you have time for is a bunch of business theory.

With more than 30 years of research and real-world executive leadership experience, Mike cuts through the noise and breaks down proven ways to:

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With humor and compassion, Mike has the uncanny ability to break down complex leadership concepts and turn them into immediately actionable tactics to be applied in your own organization. 

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Who is Mike Staver?

Author of Leadership Isn’t for Cowards, Mike is an internationally respected speaker and leadership coach.

What is Mike’s Leadership Philosophy?

If you ask Mike, leadership has nothing to do with authority, job title, or position. Leadership is about one thing: influence. And that is something we all can have. The key is using it to drive engagement and performance to move your business forward. 

For over 30 years, Mike has helped leaders like you: 

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Mike Staver: Helping Leaders Perform Better

You can’t show up for others until you show up for yourself. 

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