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You can now bring Mike to your event virtually!

Mike is offering his full keynote via live stream or via a prerecorded digital download. Both options can be customized to your event and are available in several lengths.

Are you ready to get the most out of those around you?

Every time you lead (or don’t), you mess with someone’s life. That’s a big responsibility.

Even if you want the best for your team, it’s hard to know who to trust to get you there, when it feels like there are new leadership programs and self-proclaimed gurus popping up all over the place.

Mike cuts through the noise with more than 30 years of research and practical leadership experience to offer you and your leadership team, no matter what stage you’re at.

In a world that’s influenced by too many trends, Mike brings you back to the fundamentals of courageous leadership.

You will walk away with the ability to:

Confront Reality
Gain Mental Toughness
Take Action
Make Courageous Decisions
Achieve Results

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Bloomberg Businessweek
Washington Post
USA Today
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"The best speaker we've ever had!" That was the comment I heard repeatedly after Mike Staver spoke at our Leadership Development Institute (LDI). Mike was humorous, engaging, and more importantly, inspiring. His message on courageous leadership has sparked hallway discussions, creative ideas, and new interest in attending the LDIs. That's quite an accomplishment, given that the audience consisted of seasoned, senior leaders who can be tough to impress. "Awesome presentation! Thank you for investing in Mike for us!" Their words, not mine - recognizing and appreciating the value Mike brought to us, and recognizing our investment in our employees. I couldn't have envisioned a better response. Thanks to Mike and his team, my team looked great!"


U.S, Cellular

"We hired Mike to both present at a meeting of 170 of our organization’s top leaders, and to coach three directors in particular in preparation for their presentations at the same meeting.  Mike’s presentation to our group was phenomenal.  Equally impressive was his coaching, which set our three directors up for success.  The key to his success was in his coaching style.  He was exceptional at listening to our presenters’ goals, drawing out their key themes by asking the critical questions, and understanding the strengths of each presenter so that he could offer recommendations to enhance each one’s presentation style.  The result was three engaging, emotional, powerful segments that drove home our presenters’ key messages.  Those segments, along with Mike’s keynote, was part of what made our meeting not only successful, but also memorable."


Jerry Vincent

"I wanted to make sure I sent a note to let you know what a great response I received from your presentation at our event.  Please know the content as well as the entertainment/laughter factor achieved the mark, and all were very happy with the outcome of the event. Everyone I talked to said you were spot on, and many felt they learned a great deal from your talk. All felt like your presentation was the perfect thing at the perfect time.

We would like to use you again in the future, if that is any indication of how well received you were."


Rosey Koberlein

"If you want your audience to leave the room inspired, with a smile on their face, a tear in their eye, and actionable insight to their life, job, and relationships, Mike Staver is your guy."



Talk about what matters most.


Personal Development


Company Culture




Managing Change

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Trusted by the world's most influential leaders.


What makes Mike different from every other leadership speaker?

He asks the right questions to customize his presentation and help you develop realistic goals. Mike has the stories, insights and hard-earned wisdom that comes only from real-world executive leadership experience.

His message is frank, honest and filled with humor that will engage even your most skeptical employee. His uncanny ability to take complex leadership concepts and make them easy to understand and deploy will make your team more efficient, focused and motivated.

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Please fill out the below form to request to book Mike for your event, and a member of Mike's team will get back to you as soon as possible.
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