About Mike Staver

Mike helps leaders find the clarity and certainty they need to effectively and efficiently lead.

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Why work with Mike?

Mike understands how leaders find themselves lost in the gap between good intentions and the results they actually create. That’s why he has developed speaking, training, and coaching programs that help leaders to bridge the gap and produce results that make them feel proud. With honesty and compassion, Mike tells the truth so that leaders can develop their people and their culture.

About the Staver Group

You want an organization of developed leaders that effectively run a well-oiled machine.

However, there’s a gap between your leaders’ technical skills and their leadership skills.

Your leaders are overwhelmed with all they have to accomplish each day. Many have a hard time focusing because there are too many high-priority items coming at them. As a result, it’s a challenge to know where to start.

Mike Staver can work with your leaders to develop the skills needed to bridge the gap between their good intentions and their ability to execute those intentions. The results are leaders who have the clarity they need to ensure the long-term success of your business.

Through speaking, training, and coaching, Mike can help your leaders to:

  • Find clarity by narrowing the gap between intention and results
  • Remove obstacles and propel their business forward
  • Feel certainty, commitment, and conviction so they can reach a new level of awareness and execution

As a leadership expert, Mike takes complex content and makes it immediately useful, digestible, and entertaining. That combination has influenced over 200,000 people in ways that not only transform thinking and action but improve results.

Mike draws on his degrees in Business and Counseling Psychology, thirty years as a business professional, and experience as a Hall of FameSpeaker and Certified Speaking Professional to develop leadership programs that give people the clarity to lead effectively. 

That’s why companies like Federal Express, Miracle-Ear, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Mayo Clinic, and Allstate have trusted Mike to transform their leaders.

Your leaders deserve to develop their skills so they can confidently face workplace challenges and thrive. 

Contact the Staver Group to see how Mike can help your leaders perform better!

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Four Ways to Work with Mike

Are You Looking for a Speaker for Your Next Event?

Mike’s message is straightforward, authentic, and will engage and entertain even the toughest crowd. His unique insight and proven advice will change the way you lead.

Are You Looking for One-On-One Coaching?

Get the insight you need, along with the necessary support and accountability, to make lasting changes so you can lead with clarity and confidence and create a culture of excellence. 

Do You Want to Bring Out the Best in Your Team through Ongoing Skill Development Training?

Get access to more than 30 years of Mike’s research and practical leadership experience through Customized Trainings, Coaching Certification, and Staver OnDemand to maximize the potential of your team, your culture, and your organization.

Are You Looking for a Partner to Consult with Your Team on a Longer-Term Project?

Whether you need guidance through a transition or help with a specific challenge in your organization, Mike provides expert advice and a customized plan to overcome obstacles and move forward. 

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Mike Staver: Helping Leaders Perform Better

You can’t show up for others until you show up for yourself. 

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