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Do you find fault or favour?

I know, I know, you are probably thinking you find both fault and favor. Admittedly, some people are balanced in their view of people and events but for the most part everyone has a bias.Everyone tends to lean one way or the other. Everyone, that is, that has any real interaction with people or life…

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Dealing with conflict

Conflict is a fact of life. I have spent the majority of my life in conflict…well not actually IN conflict, but at least helping people through it. Even though I know how to handle conflict, it is not always easy. It is important to remember that you aren’t supposed to enjoy it. But there are…

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Do you understand people?

I was listening to a couple of people in a conflict the other day. As I listened, I noticed something so glaringly obvious that I had to make this month’s RESULTS about it. As the two struggled to communicate, the conflict seemed to get more frustrating for both of them. It’s not like the conflict…

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What is going on?

This month I want to share a brief message that my friend sent to his staff after the Dallas shooting. Leo Ardine is the CEO of United Teletech Credit Union in New Jersey. His daughter sent him a text expressing her sadness about the recent tragedies going on in our country. His response moved me…

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How do you deal with angry and hostile people?

Laura and I were recently pulled over by a police officer while out riding our motorcycle. It was a beautiful Sunday and we had a great day. On our way home, about a block from home, there is a four way stop. I came to a complete stop but did not put my feet down…

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Introducing Quintessence Leadership

Focus on the things that will transform YOU and your organization.

Years ago I was approached by an organization that wanted to do things differently. They asked me if I believed there was a way to make the development of leaders more predictable.

"Is there a verifiable way to help leaders perform better?"

I believed then, and I have PROVEN since, that yes, there is. It is Quintessence Leadership.

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