What is going on?

This month I want to share a brief message that my friend sent to his staff after the Dallas shooting. Leo Ardine is the CEO of United Teletech Credit Union in New Jersey. His daughter sent him a text expressing her sadness about the recent tragedies going on in our country. His response moved me and so I asked him if I could share it with you, my community. I hope it moves you too and helps put things in perspective.
“Dad, I’m so emotional, I just don’t understand it.”

“Me too. This is what I do know. There is good in the world. There are people like you and me that work so hard to do good and be good the world over. Despite what the news may make us think, the world is not Orlando, Minnesota, Baton Rouge, Ferguson or Dallas. These crimes are horrendous, tragic, worthy of outrage. But they are not the full definition of us as individuals, Americans or humans.

Today, like every other day, there is good in the world. People are falling in love, babies are being born, people are helping to improve things, advancements are being made. There is joy, there is beauty, there is good.

As we experience the onslaught of this kind of news, rather than dwell in the world of the media news flashes or talking head hype, choose to dwell in places of love. Don’t be ignorant of the news, just know your dose and take what you must. Then indulge yourself and your spirit with those you love, those that do good and those for whom you do good. Rely on the gratitude that comes from knowing you are able to be this way and to care so that your reactions to these tragedies is skillful and appropriate to the person you are.”

Know that there is good in the world. Today we might just have to look a little harder.


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