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How to stay calm under pressure?

Whether you are a leader, a follower, or both, there is always pressure. Home, work, and even play can create tension. While there are many things that are great about the “technology age,” the speed and volume of information has created an enormous strain on individuals and organizations. If you are feeling the pressure, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started.

There are two things you must have in order to stay calm under pressure:

• Frustration Tolerance
• Impulse Control

Frustration Tolerance is simply how much frustration you can handle before something destructive happens. That destructive thing can be internal or external. Some people turn red and their hair bursts into flames. Others have welcome stamped on their foreheads…people wipe their feet on them all of the time.

Impulse Control is the degree to which you control your urges. An impulse is simply an urge to do something or not to do something.
Here are some tips on how to develop both:
1. Stand up and take responsibility for your choices.
2. Know your limitations and act in advance! What are your buttons?
3. Stop saying yes when you want/need to say no. Stop saying no when you need/want to say yes.
4. Remember the old faithful HALT acronym. If you are Hungry Angry Lonely Tired, HALT what you are doing and fix the problem.
5. TODAY! Create three outlets for stress: a mental outlet, a physical outlet and an emotional outlet.

Remember, stress in and of itself is not a bad thing. It is when the stress starts to break you down that problems start to occur. Follow the five steps listed above to stay calm and in control in any situation.

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