Are you hungry to learn?

Perhaps there is no better skill to have and master than the skill of curiosity. Having a sincere interest in learning and understanding seems to me to be a much nobler pursuit than having a sincere interest in being understood. What opportunities do we miss when we are concerned that people understand US. What relationships are not deepened because we do not pause long enough to explore more about a person or a subject. Admittedly, I have found this idea of curiosity and learning to be a challenging one throughout my life. As I have moved through life I have discovered that the things that I have missed by having “the answer” are lesson enough. The lesson is a poignant one. That lesson is that it takes very little effort to pause and be curious. Missing the moments of understanding in life seems to cause us to miss out on much of what makes life deeper and richer. What would happen if you and I made a commitment to be more curious? What would happen to our relationships? What would happen at work?

The learning business is a very different business than the teaching business. Learning requires you being open, interested, and ready to lean into differences. It requires surrendering being judgemental. It is impossible to be curious and judgemental at the same time. Curiosity is different than just asking a lot of questions. Curiosity is a deeper more soulful interest. People who are genuinely curious ask great questions because it originates from an authentic place. Asking questions without curiosity is just obnoxious.

Join me in influencing the world to be more curious! If we do that it will be safe to say we will all hunger for learning.

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