What do you stand for?

Some time ago I asked one of my clients to answer that question. He was surprised at how difficult it was to come up with an answer. When I asked him what his sales numbers were the previous month, he was able to recite them without a second thought. It is not that the numbers were more important–quite the contrary. It is that both questions must be answered to live a life of balance and productivity. In a world that is flying by at ever increasing speed, I want to encourage you to stop this week and answer the first question: What do you stand for? At the core of who you are, what is most important? Understanding what you believe–what your core values are–is the most important question you will ever answer. It is so much more important than what you do for a living or the tasks you complete each day. Introspection is at the heart of outstanding performance in life and in work. The willingness and ability to look inward and ask the difficult questions is an indication of the degree to which you are focused on the things that are most important. Once you have answered that key question, the second question to answer is: To what degree are you living your life, at home and at work, in alignment with those values?

I do not have any judgment about what the right and wrong values are for you. Despite what certain people want to tell you, your values and beliefs are yours and are very personal. Here are the steps to clear values alignment:

Six steps to clear values alignment :
1. Identify what your core values and beliefs are–not what you think they should be, but what they actually are. (If you need some help, we will send you a list of some values to choose from.)
2. Write them down. Then put them aside for a few days. Let them be with you as you go through your daily activities.
3. At the end of a couple of days, ask yourself to what extent you are living and working in alignment with those values.
4. Make the necessary adjustments to your behaviors and where you spend time and energy.
5. Eliminate excuses.
6. Filter ALL decisions through the prism of your values.

Practice these steps and adapt them to your everyday living then let me know how you are doing. I’d like to hear from you! info@mikestaver.com


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