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Focus on the things that will transform YOU and your organization.

Here is a brief introduction of what is offered in my award-winning leadership development approach.



Years ago I was approached by an organization that wanted to do things differently. They asked me if I believed there was a way to make the development of leaders more predictable.

"Is there a verifiable way to help leaders perform better?"

I believed then, and I have PROVEN since, that yes, there is.

Let me show you ALL the training and coaching you'll get access to when you continue your Quintessence Leadership with my complete virtual training program.

  • Over 2 hours of virtual training

  • 30-page workbook

  • Unlimited access to work-at-your-own pace leadership development

  • A direct line to ME to answer any questions you may have

And because I want you to succeed at becoming a better leader I'm going to give you these BONUS training materials:

  • BONUS #1:

    Talent is for keeps: an eight-part video series focusing on talent acquisition and retention

  • BONUS #2:

    High gain activity: a video exercise that uncovers the ONE activity that is most profitable and productive to your business

  • BONUS #3:

    Mondays with Mike video library

  • BONUS #4:

    Leadership isn’t for cowards: First two chapters

  • BONUS #5:

    Tips in 10: a ten-part, ten-minute audio series with advice on courageous leadership

  • BONUS #6:

    Tips in 20: an eight-part, 20-minute audio series with advice on workplace challenges

  • BONUS #7:

    8 Indicators you’re leading from fear: learn how to unmask the many faces of fear

  • BONUS #8:

    Do you know how to shut-up? An audiobook on the most often asked questions from leaders like you

Quintessence... not just some crazy buzz-word I've coined. It's:

The most essential feature | | The most typical example of something | | The purest form

And that's what this is, the most essential feature and purest form of leadership development, and I want to share it with you.

Be courageous,

Mike Staver


Total value: $1,110

My offer to YOU: $555

"Mike Staver is unbelievably gifted. He is a fantastic storyteller, and a TRANSFORMATIONAL leader!His message has always been a blend of challenging questions, humor, inspiration, and proven practical steps to becoming a stronger serving leader.  Mike’s integrity and authenticity is what I appreciate most about Mike.  I am proud to consider Mike a trusted coach, colleague, and friend."

Rebecca L. Caputo
Program Manager, Leadership & Learning, Cleveland Clinic

Here is a full break-down of everything you'll get within the Quintessence Leadership virtual training program.

Quintessence Leadership: Culture


  • What is it?
  • The best place to start
  • The traits of a culture builder
  • In the beginning, there was culture
  • How environment impacts culture
  • Why should a person follow you?
  • Values and how they impact culture
  • Putting the pieces together
Quintessence Leadership: Coaching


  • Why?
  • Knowing what you believe
  • How to resist the comfort trap
  • How flying is like coaching
  • How coaching can help you manage performance
  • Questions and why they matter
  • How to use guided discovery
  • Understanding the anatomy of a coaching session
Quintessence Leadership: Growth


  • What's growth got to do with it?
  • Clear or erratic?
  • The 3 keys to scaling your business
  • Get your story straight
  • Where to focus
  • Execution
  • Dealing with obstacles to growth

PLUS the Quintessence Leadership Workbook that guides you through the course and provides a meaningful way to apply concepts learned from each session in the virtual series.

Want to see more? Check out these clips from within the Quintessence Leadership development program.

I want Quintessence Leadership + BONUS materials for only $555

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