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Austin Allison

"Mike Staver is the kind of coach you can count on to tell it like it is, encourage you to take action and then hold you accountable for results."


Leo A Ardine

"If you’re serious about growth and significant development, hire Mike Staver. If you aren’t ready to do the work, I mean really do the work, then don’t hire Mike Staver."


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Staver OnDemand provides the ultimate interactive training solution.

"You want the people you influence to leave with immediately applicable, completely useable content that will help them do more of what is necessary and less of what is not."

Mike Staver, Leadership Isn't For Cowards

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A highly intuitive training center allows learners to get right to learning and performance improvement.

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Forward thinking reporting tools help managers and owners understand who is learning and who is not.

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Staver OnDemand maximizes training effectiveness, automates accountability and reduces costs.

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You have three primary responsibilities as a leader: build a compelling and healthy culture, coach your people, and scale your business. That's it, simple right? If only.

Introducing Quintessence Leadership, the brand NEW training program that teaches how to do just that. With over two hours of learn-at-your-own-pace virtual training, Mike will walk you through his award winning leadership development approach. He will show you how to focus on the things that will transform YOU and your organization.


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Program Cost: $555

Within 21 video chapters and the accompanying workbook, Quintessence Leadership breaks down the three essential components to leadership:

  • Building a healthy culture
  • Coaching your people
  • Scaling your business

It is all research-based, tested, and proven - designed to help you focus on things that will transform your leadership and your organization.


Program Cost: $555

The companion course to Mike Staver's book by the same name, Leadership Isn't for Cowards is a no-nonsense guide to driving performance while still maintaining a great place to work. The course offers straightforward steps to leading courageously and practical tips for driving performance.

The seven-part video series will help you create a culture and a mindset that encourages and demands excellence! Follow these steps to bring out the best in your employees and lead your company to significant success.


Program Cost: $555

Creating a High Performance Culture is both an art and a science. It involves both intangible internal processes and quantifiable external processes. In this 12 part video series Mike teaches you how to leverage both to fully prepare and inspire you to create High Performance in yourself and your organization.

OR get access to the whole Staver OnDemand System (all 3 courses) + below bonus material.

Total Value: $2100

YOUR Price: $810 - a savings of over 50%

Because I want you to succeed at becoming a better leader I'm going to give you these BONUS training materials with the purchase of any course:

  • BONUS #1:

    Talent for keeps: an eight-part video series focusing on talent acquisition and retention

  • BONUS #2:

    High gain activity: a video exercise that uncovers the ONE activity that is most profitable and productive to your business

  • BONUS #3:

    Mondays with Mike video library

  • BONUS #4:

    Leadership isn't for cowards: First two chapters

  • BONUS #5:

    Tips in 10: a ten-part, ten-minute audio series with advice on courageous leadership

  • BONUS #6:

    Tips in 20: an eight-part, 20-minute audio series with advice on workplace challenges

  • BONUS #7:

    8 indicators you're leading from fear: learn how to unmask the many faces of fear

  • BONUS #8:

    Do you know how to shut-up? An audiobook on the most often asked questions from leaders like you

Let's sum it up for FULL Staver OnDemand access!

Quintessence Leadership (Value $555)

Leadership Isn't for Cowards (Value $555)

How to Create High Performance Culture (Value $555)

+ BONUS materials

Total Value: $2100
YOUR Price: $808 - a savings of over 50%

Is Staver OnDemand the right program for you?

Staver OnDemand is designed for those who want to improve their leadership. If that's you, then you're in the right place. The program is designed in such a way that it packs valuable, immediately actionable content into compact, efficient lessons that allow you to grow your leadership without interrupting your business and day-to-day life.

Graduates of Staver OnDemand include supervisors, managers, and leading executives from across America who share a common interest of making lasting changes that motivate and maximize the potential of both themselves and those around them.

Still unsure if this is the right program for you? Gain limited access to Staver OnDemand for free and see the value for yourself.

Mike Staver giving a keynote speech

Who is Mike Staver?

Mike Staver is the author of Leadership Isn't for Cowards and an internationally respected speaker and coach. Mike takes noisy, often complex, leadership content and makes it immediately useful, digestible and entertaining.

Mike has degrees in Business Administration and Counseling Psychology and is a Certified Speaking Professional. Companies from Federal Express and Miracle Ear to Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and the May Clinic have repeatedly invited him to contribute to the development of their leaders.

Most recently, some of Mike's coaching work was ranked #2 by Training Magazine on their 2019 Training Top 125 list, which recognizes organizations with the most successful learning and development programs in the world.