Are you kidding me?

If you have been reading this blog for any time at all, you know I think that a constant need to feel comfortable limits our potential and the results we create. Every major or minor accomplishment that has meant anything to you in your life has required that you work through discomfort. Yet for some reason there are still those in the world who believe that the presence of discomfort means there is something wrong. While that IS the case occasionally, particularly as it relates to medical problems, most of the time discomfort is nothing more than something that is new or something we are not used to.

The other day I thought my head would explode when I heard about comfort animals. Have you heard this term? Have I been under a rock? That’s right – comfort animals. Not therapeutic animals like the ones that go to hospitals and nursing homes. Not service animals that help people who are ill or disabled. Nope, these animals are strictly to help people reduce anxiety and make them feel more comfortable. Recently I saw a TURKEY. That’s right a live, full grown turkey on a leash that someone brought on a plane to make them feel more comfortable with flying. You want to know one of the problems culture faces today…..comfort animals. Well not the animal itself but what it represents. A flight was recently delayed significantly because someone brought a comfort animal – a dog that weighed over 100 lbs – on the plane and…let’s just say the dog needed to go out before the plane landed. The plane was delayed to clean up the mess. Did the dog have its own seat? No. The dog laid on the floor across the feet of the passengers in that row.

So you can’t have your lap top out but your dog can lie on the feet of total strangers because someone is too uncomfortable to fly without their comfort animal? Listen, this isn’t about animals. This is about the softening and weakening of humans. It’s time we sucked it up and dealt with our discomfort like we are naturally built to do. It’s time we parked our tricycles and got real about being adults and dealing with the challenges we face every day. Humans are tough and resilient it’s time we started behaving that way. That is all.


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