Are you ready?

This month I am going to ask you to look at something that isn’t that pleasant to look at. Loss.

A week ago, my biological father died unexpectedly. On some levels we were ready; on others, nobody was ready. I am challenging you to ask yourself if you are ready for that kind of loss.

I am not talking about emotional readiness. Seldom are we ready for the emotional toll. But there are three levels of ready that I am asking you to consider: first is relationship readiness, second is financial readiness, and finally, practical readiness.

Here are the questions to consider:

Relationship readiness:

1. Have you said what you need to say to the people you need to say it to and do you continue to say those things?
2. Are you at peace with everyone in your life?

Financial Readiness:

1. Do you have the financial means to take care of those left behind, or have you insured yourself for enough cash to do that?
2. Do people close to you know and understand how to handle your financial affairs in the event you are incapacitated or have died?
3. Do you know the answers to these two questions for those you care about?

Practical Readiness:

1. In the event you or someone you care about were to die or be incapacitated, do you know clearly and completely what to do?
2. Are your wishes, or those you care about’s wishes, clear and easy to execute?

I have heard people say, “I don’t like to think about that!” Let me say this. If you or those you care about are not ready, it will be much much harder than it has to be.

Do yourself a favor. Be ready. And tell those you care about to be ready!!

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