Can you please put your phone down and look up?

I was walking through the Atlanta airport recently and I noticed how many people were walking while looking down at their mobile device. Then there she was, out of the crowd a woman looking down at her phone, walking right toward me on a direct collision course. Hmmmmm, do I move or do I let her run into me. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……..and bam she walked right into me. Didn’t say excuse me, sorry, nothing! It was like she was one of those remote vacuums that changes course when it bumps into something. I am pretty sure that this ear bud wearing, distracted, self absorbed person was likely negotiating world peace or something as important; otherwise, why would she be blindly disconnected from the outside world? Here’s why, because we are being brainwashed and convinced that the key to our success is looking down. Just keep looking down and if you do you will find something in that little machine of such importance that it will validate us.

Last Sunday my 14 year old niece asked to see the pictures of the trip to Maui Laura and I just returned from. SHE ASKED TO SEE THE PICTURES. I wasn’t two pictures into it (the pictures were on a computer I might add) when she was looking at her phone. I wish I could say, “that’s kids for you” but it’s not just kids. There is absolutely NOTHING on your phone that is more important than what is going on around you. That little screen that seems so important matters little in comparison to what can be experienced by looking up.

My encouragement this month is to put your phone down or away. Focus on what’s around you; experience the things that are most vital and alive. At least for a while put down the machine and experience the visceral, real, rawness of life. You will likely find that there are amazing discoveries to be made right in front of you. And if you really want an experience look all the way up now and then as in to what is above. I don’t want to freak you out so let’s start with just looking up from your device.

Speaking of devices, I am VERY excited to announce that I have launched my PODCAST. It’s “Lessons in Life and Leadership” Now available in the apple app store and coming soon to google. I do the show twice a week. Join me.


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