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Hi, everybody. I’m Mike Staver. This is Mondays with Mike, a weekly video series where I answer questions from people just like you. Here’s this week’s question.

“In your experience, what are the most common challenges your clients face at work, and what do you suggest they do to handle them?”

Mike: What are your most often challenges you face at work? Marty

Marty: Honestly, struggling with people who, especially in my industry, doing like video and things like that, just coming in, in them being so far out of their element that they’re their confidence dips. And that’s a it’s really trying to help them find their inner voice again so that they’re able to.

Mike: And how do you deal with that?

Marty:You just kind of encourage it.

Mike: What do you do?

Marty: Yeah, you, you know, encouragement is definitely a big thing. And I like to remind them, too. You’re here for a reason, right? You’re the expert. Like, I couldn’t get up there and talk about what you’re talking about. So obviously, you know what you’re doing. So just kind of trying to, like, ground them again
and bring them back down to earth.

Mike: Let them kick off their content in a way that’s going to be beneficial to them. I love what Marty said.

Here are some of the most common challenges I hear. I hear challenges like this. I don’t have enough time
to get everything done. Difficult people are often a challenge that my clients share with me. Dealing with the changing market conditions or demands between home and work. And lately, actually, I’m getting a lot of questions about personal things that are affecting their life or affecting their work.

And so what I generally do in those situations, I can’t give them all to you because we’ve only got a couple of minutes. But what I say always, particularly as it relates to not having the time that the issue is really about narrowing your focus. The world has a lot of noise right now. And, you know, so what Marty said was when somebody comes in, they get in front of the camera, they freeze up. What he does is get them focused on their story. He gets them focused on what they’re there for.

So when it comes to not having enough time or being overwhelmed with conditions, I tell people this two things. Number one, focus on investing your energy and high gain activities and then let go of the things that you can’t control. You know, often we focus on things we can’t control, and that creates significant angst for us.

So those are a couple of tips on what I do with the people who, you know, present with me for pretty significant challenges.

I hope that’s helpful!

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