Hi everybody, this is Mondays with Mike, a weekly video series where I answer questions from people just like you. Here’s this week’s question:

Our company has determined they are going to participate more actively in community service, philanthropy, etc. I have my own causes and prefer to do things on my own for things that I personally believe in. Am I being difficult by resisting participation in community sponsored philanthropy and service?

Yeah, you are. You can’t do too much service and philanthropy!

Now, if it’s legit community service and philanthropy, you can go to the puppy drive, you can collect cans, you can do something… right? You can be on the team, doesn’t mean you have to do it all.

Now, if it’s a cause thing, and you don’t agree with the cause then I don’t think you have to be involved in something. You know, if a company came to me when I was working for them and said “We’re going to take a stand for X” and I was out of alignment with that, didn’t agree with that, thought it was an overreaction… I would probably have a conversation with my boss.

If they want you to work on weekends, and it’s a big huge thing then that’s one thing. But you know, if people are collecting money for the United Way or they’re doing something like that… resisting for resisting’s sake, unless you have a really good reason, I generally encourage people to get involved in anything that gives any kind of service at all. That doesn’t mean you have to go sit at the puppy drive down at the auto parts store… but it does mean that I want you to have a heart for service.

By virtue of the question, I would just ask you to consider what harm would it do if you were to be involved in something service oriented? I don’t think you’re being hard to get along with or necessarily really difficult. Just ask yourself “Is it going to really hurt me if I do that? Is it going to hurt me if I get involved in this?” That kind of thing. So, not difficult, just open your mind a little bit to multiple service opportunities, unless it is for something that you have a personal aversion to.

I hope that’s helpful!

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