Do you speak your truth?

In our professional and personal lives, most of the success we encounter is the direct result of speaking our truth. Speaking our truth is about how we communicate to ourselves and to those around us. I have found that the times in my life when I have found myself in the best place is when I make a rigorous commitment to speaking my truth. We have all had situations when we found ourselves failing to speak the truth clearly. For instance, have you ever known what you really needed to do or how you really needed to show up but didn’t? Speaking your truth can be as simple as saying no to a friend because you really don’t want to go out or as complex as saying yes to a significant job or relationship that you know is right for you but intimidates or scares you.

Here are the steps to speaking your truth:
1. Pause and really pay attention to what your gut tells you.
2. Focus on your own internal truth before speaking or acting. Sometimes the quiet truth is much more powerful than what is spoken.
3. Begin to slowly align your behaviors with your truth regardless of how it feels.
4. If the truth involves communicating a difficult message, make certain that message is clear, sensitive, and does not blame or attack.
5. If you elect not to speak your truth…fully accept the consequences.

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