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Do you tend to be frank or diplomatic?

Being able to communicate effectively is probably the most important skill a person can have. My hope is that you are both frank and diplomatic. The concept of blending seemingly opposite communication styles so that you operate most efficiently is critical to being effective personally and professionally. While being both frank and diplomatic is a paradox, you must blend the two effectively in order to be an outstanding communicator.

Being frank has to do with how clear you are, while diplomacy has to do with how tactful you are. Which way do you tend to fall? Do you tend to be more frank or more diplomatic in your communication?

Here is how to be certain you are balancing the two:

Here is how to be certain you are balancing the two:
1. Evaluate your tendencies. Which way do you lean–toward frankness or diplomacy?
2. Develop skills that increase the weaker element. Do not reduce the stronger element. For instance, if you tend to be more frank than diplomatic, do not attempt to become less frank. Instead, drive the opposing side of the paradox up by trying to become more diplomatic.
3. Ask a friend, family member, or colleague to evaluate your progress.

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