With all of the swirling information and competing priorities being thrown at us every day, not only from the media but from friends and family and all manner of sources of opinion, it is critical that WE think. It occurred to me last week on a flight from San Francisco, that too often in life and business we don’t really think.

Now, before you dismiss me as overstating the obvious, let’s think about it:

Do you really take the time every week to think about what you are doing? Do you take the time to ask yourself the kind of questions that will cause you to stop and think? Are you challenging yourself to be fully aware in your choices and behaviors?

Take the stimulus package and all that’s going on in the U.S. – have you actually taken time to attempt to read the legislation or to think about the impact it will have on you, your family and your work? Closer to home, are you REALLY thinking about what you need to do to sustain yourself and your work through this challenging time?

Think about it!!

1. Stop and ask yourself, “do I REALLY have the information I need to form this opinion or take this course of action?”
2. Ask yourself, “Is there information I don’t have that if I had it would alter this decision or opinion?”
3. Take specific time to think every week about the things that are “high stakes.”
4. Get someone in your life to challenge you to think. Someone that will make you uncomfortable by asking you tough questions!
5. Make sure you consider all opinions and information…..EVEN if and ESPECIALLY if it makes you uncomfortable.