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Hi, everybody. I’m Mike Staver. This is Mondays with Mike, a weekly video series where I answer questions from people just like you. This is one of those short questions that I think is going to be kind of challenging.

“What is the one skill you think everyone should have?”

We’re going to do the Reader’s Digest version on this question. Each of us are going to pick the one skill we think everybody should have. I’ll go first.

Now, this is a skill. This isn’t an attitude. This isn’t a way of thinking. I’m assuming you’re asking us an actual skill, like woodworking, finger-painting. I don’t know. Some skill. Wow.

I think for me, it’s excellent communication. I think the one skill everybody should have is excellent communication with all that goes with that. Good question-asker, be able to articulate a point, own responsibility, that kind of thing. For me, it’s communication, I think. What do you guys think, Johnny?

Johnny: For me, it’s active listening because I think that’ll help feed into becoming a better communicator.

Mike: If you’re an active listener, means you’re engaged. You’re asking good questions, that kind of thing. All right. Good.

Marty: I personally think emotional intelligence. Just understanding why you feel the way that you are in making changes in your life that positively reflect that. Just being mindful, I guess.

Mike: The winner is Marty for 10 points. We’ll take good answer from Marty for 1000. That’s good, right? I think what you said works in what Johnny and I said about communication and active listening. I think that’s really true. I think if you are really emotionally intelligent, you’re going to be much better off and people are going to like you better too, and you’re going to understand how you come off to others because that’s part of emotional intelligence. That was a good question. A good answer. Thanks, guys.

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