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Ever had a great idea?

Throughout the course of our lives we come up with ideas, inventions, opinions, solutions etc, etc. If we really love the idea we enthusiastically share it and think about it. Has that ever happened to you? If you are like most people it has happened. What also happens is that there are varying degrees of enthusiasm for your idea, opinion, etc. It may be something as simple as how to handle a conflict with your kids or significant other. In all cases if we are enthusiastic and have an idea we want to share it. Some may ignore your sharing and move on with the conversation. Others may even oppose and criticize it. Then again some may enthusiastically encourage you.

Deep inside all of us there are seeds of doubt. Seeds that if watered will grow into full blown gardens of doubt and hesitation. These doubts and hesitations can manifest in fear or resolve. The way you choose to respond has big implications. It can be the difference between something really moving forward and becoming something special or dying in the wilderness of doubt and fear. How do you decide whether to press forward despite resistance? How do you decide to pull back despite encouragement and enthusiasm? These questions all center around the tension between persistence and stubbornness.

I am in the middle of such a quandary. I have (what I believe is) a great idea. With a few exceptions the reaction to my idea for a new business has been met with neutral tepid responses. In the worst case skeptical. I am boldly and relentlessly pressing forward. I mean, I watch shark tank. Can there be any better show to watch to inspire courage or persistence? Anyway, part of the fuel of the human spirit is the ability to dream, imagine consider and to do that with freedom and enthusiasm. At the same time it’s important to pay the bills, be responsible and live a life of purpose.

Finding people in your life that know how to do both is important. Who is it in your life that is not a “dream killer” yet can speak the truth, ask the big questions and help you move an idea forward or off the table. Everyone needs those people. I encourage you to stay confident, inquisitive and humble as you pursue the things you think about, dream about and wonder about.