Find your courage

Never make a life or business altering decision in a moment of high emotional intensity, especially when that emotion is fear or anxiety. There have been more regrettable decisions made because of what we are afraid of than probably any other emotional state.

Fear manifests when you think about what will happen or what won’t happen in a particular situation. Anxiety and fear are ALWAYS the result of making a catastrophic prediction about the future. You cannot ever be afraid of the unknown. If it is unknown, you can’t fear it. You can only be afraid or anxious about what you think you know is going to happen, and it is always about the future, not the present. I have seen more opportunities missed as a result of that insidious emotion than any other. I am not speaking here about the fear of things that are REALLY dangerous, I am talking about fearing something that is not actually a threat to our physical being.

Most fear is created because of one question, that question is, “What if?” “What if I fail? What if it doesn’t work out? What if we don’t hit the numbers? What if… what if… what if?” You must battle the tyranny of the “What ifs.” Fear begins when your mind believes there is an increasing sense of danger and a decreasing sense of ability to cope. Courage as an acronym is Continuing Onward Under Rigorous And Grinding Experiences. In order to continue onward, you must answer the question “What if?” Here are the six key questions to insure that you conquer fear and build courage:

The six key questions to insure that you conquer fear and build courage are:
1. What is the worst thing that can happen?
2. What is the best thing that can happen?
3. What is the most likely thing that can happen?
4. What will I do if the worst thing happens?
5. What will I do if the best thing happens?
6. What will I do if the most likely thing happens?

Answer each question as clearly as possible. Clear and honest answers to each question will move you in the right direction. The only answer that you may not use is “I don’t know.” Force yourself to face each question. You cannot feel fear or anxiety when you are sure you can cope. You can only be certain you can cope when there is a plan.

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