For the coaches and the coached

This month I would like to make a few suggestions on how to effectively coach and how to effectively be coached.

If you are in a leadership role, one of your primary responsibilities is to coach your direct reports. It will make you a better leader and it will add value to those you lead (that is if you are good at it). There are five steps to becoming a great coach. View the five steps now…

The five steps to becoming a great coach:
1. Make sure you heart is in the right place. You must have a genuine desire for your direct reports to succeed and a commitment to assist in anyway possible.
2. Identify, with your direct report, the desirable performance, outcomes and goals professionally and personally.
3. Evaluate the current state of their performance. To what extent are they performing at the desired level?
4. Set goals that are specific and measurable and then set specific target dates for achieving new levels of performance.
5. Hold them accountable by scheduling regular coaching meetings. I suggest once a quarter.

If you are not in a leadership position, it is your responsibility to get the coaching you need and deserve. The greatest athletes in the world seek out the best coaches to help them reap the rewards of their talents. Take action and get the coaching you deserve. Learn how to acquire an effective coach now…

The five steps to acquire an effective coach:
1. Identify a great coach. If your manager is not open to coaching you then find someone who is. Be relentless.
2. Be open and receptive to feedback. Avoid even the slightest hint of defensiveness.
3. Be clear and specific about your goals personally and professionally.
4. Get your coach to help you identify blind spots. Often there are areas that we are unaware of.
5. Set specific performance targets and be certain that you are held accountable.

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