Vacations are ending, summer’s heat is fading, school is back in session, and the days will soon get shorter. The hectic pace of life is returning and as it does, it’s important to maintain focus on the things that REALLY matter.

Some years ago I went to the doctor because I was concerned about my memory. The doctor, who was approaching retirement, said to me, “Son, I could make up some technical reason for your memory problem but it’s really very simple — you’re just putting too much stuff in your head that doesn’t matter and your brain isn’t sophisticated enough to eliminate the right things — so it just gets rid of excess. Now, that’ll be $100.00.”

View the four things to remember every day,
1. Identify and keep your focus on your values and on what is most important — not what feels like should be most important.
2. Spend the majority of your time on high gain activity. Major on majors — minor on minors. Avoid getting lured by unproductive busyness or drama.
3. Invest your energy in people (at home and work) where you will get the maximum rate of return in the long run.
4. Finally, ask yourself three questions: what do I need to start doing? what do I need to continue doing? and finally and most importantly, what do I need to stop doing? A “don’t do” list is a great equalizer.

There is a tendency to make things complicated. Some think that keeping all the necessary elements of work and life in order requires complex formulas and years of intense thought. I would argue that it really gets down to a focus on fundamentals. So this month FOCUS! Let me know how you are doing.