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How are your relationships?

Relationships matter. All relationships matter. While many overuse the term it is a fact that they matter all the time. Most importantly who you are in relationships with and then how you RELATE to them.

The primary issue facing relationships today is focus. Focus of time and energy has a direct and lasting impact on those in your life. Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and they were looking over your shoulder at what was going on? Or been having a conversation and they looked at their phone constantly?
“Digital Dementia” is a term coined by neuroscientist Manfred Spitzer to describe an overuse of digital technology resulting in the breakdown of cognitive abilities. Spitzer proposes that short-term memory pathways will start to deteriorate from underuse if we overuse technology. Put your phone away. Leave it.

Ever heard the phrase, you need quality time? While quality time is important the quantity matters as well. It has never been more important to spend more time with people that matter and LESS time with people that suck the life from you. Perhaps even less time with people that don’t encourage, support and lift you.

The time needs to involve 3 things, focus, curiosity and support. Focus has to do with actually focusing on them, not sharing a story that is like their story or changing the subject or looking away. Demonstrate focus. Be curious by being genuinely interested in what they have to say. Ask good questions. Don’t stop at the first question take one more step. Finally support. Encourage them with more atta girls/boys than advice or correction. Remember it’s a 3:1 ratio, for every negative it takes three positives to offset it.

Here’s to deepening relationships.

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