How effective are you at handling change?

“Change is difficult” may be one of the biggest lies people buy. If you won 100 million dollars in the lottery, your life would probably change, and you probably wouldn’t find that change difficult.

Change is only difficult when you believe that the change is going to produce negative or undesirable results. “People are afraid of the unknown” is another myth people routinely believe. People CAN NOT fear what they don’t know. They can only fear what they think they know. Being flexible and tolerant of change involves the willingness and ability to trust that you will be able to handle it. You may not like it, enjoy it, or want it, but there is no doubt you can handle it. You know how I know…because you have dealt with (effectively or not) EVERY change that has ever come your way. Dealing with change always starts with a mindset of acceptance and a complete belief that things tend to work out for people with that mindset.

Here are a few things to remember when dealing with a change in your life:

1. There is nothing happening that you won’t be able to handle…regardless of how it may feel.
2. Change in and of itself is not bad or good, right or wrong, change is just change. Sometimes it’s big and hard to deal with; other times not so much. The key is how you process it.
3. Take change one step at a time.
4. Focus on those things over which you have control or influence, ignoring the rest.
5. Keep your mind on those things that are constant and certain.


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