How politically correct are you?

I am very tired of having to watch everything I say to make sure I don’t offend anyone. Sure, I understand there are some things that are unquestionably offensive and I do my absolute best not to offend anyone intentionally, but come on!!

Christmas Day is a national holiday – do we all understand that? It doesn’t matter whether you celebrate it or not. The Fourth of July is a national holiday along with Labor Day, etc. So I say let’s lighten up a bit. Let’s get just a tad thicker skin. Call it what it is and focus on the things that matter.

During this time of year there is so much to be grateful for; so many people that need a hand or a smile or a (God forbid) Merry Christmas. I respect a person’s right to believe and to celebrate as they wish – it’s one of the things that makes America great – but during this season of celebration, I suggest we all spend a little less time being offended and a little more time giving people room!
So whatever it is you celebrate (or don’t), let’s remember a little peace on earth and good will to uhhhhh people!

Try this:
1. Assume positive intent until absolutely proved otherwise.
2. Lighten up by not evaluating things people say for political correctness.
3. For the next few weeks (at least), judge not! Let people be who they are.
4. Practice gratitude.
5. Finally, be curious – seek understanding and tolerance.


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