How realistic are you?

As most of you know, I returned from riding my Harley around the perimeter of the USA on Labor Day weekend. It was a 40 day adventure that’s hard to put into words. I was asked many questions during the 6 weeks, but the one that was the most interesting was, “How can you just take off like that and ride?”

Most people were amazed and encouraging, and there were also those that just couldn’t get their heads around the fact that I was doing it. They struggled to come up with a rationalization for how I did it. “You must be rich!” Nope. “You must be retired!” Nope. “You must be backed by someone.” Nope.

I was fascinated by how many people struggled to believe that I decided to do it and did it. There were many lessons learned, but the one I want to share with you is this – a life well lived is not well lived by getting ready to live it or by being realistic. The big accomplishments are rooted in dreams and fueled by a refusal to accept limitation-based thinking. Not some cheesy, chronically chipper way of thinking, but a way of thinking that refuses to accept the limitations.

So many people think of reasons they can’t while others seek opportunity regardless of the obstacles. This is not to suggest that you should be irrational or irresponsible. But if you are really, really honest with yourself you will see areas where limitation or fear-based thinking keeps big (and small) things from happening.

I am not suggesting that you have to do something as epic as 40 days on the open road. I guarantee you that there are things right now in your life that could be accomplished if the limits and fears were suspended long enough to allow a commitment to go get ‘it’ to take over your way of being. Here’s what works for me and perhaps it would work for you…

1. What is something I have always wanted to do but haven’t found the time or energy or money or ‘whatever’ to do?
2. What would I have to believe to make that happen in the next 12 months?
3. What would I have to do (specific actions) to make it happen?
4. Who would I want/need to hold me accountable?

Do something to begin to move in that direction!

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