Is it really noisy or is it just me?

When was the last time you stopped and noticed the noise around you? Just stop right now and listen. It’s not just the keys on the computer keyboards being used by people in the office, or the wind outside, or the truck driving by, it’s internal noise as well.

We are bombarded with so much noise that we often can’t hear or pay attention to the things that matter. It is often difficult for the messages and the information that matters to make themselves heard above all of the clutter.

Worry over things we can’t influence or control: noise. Discussions about things that don’t have any impact on us: noise. Focusing energy on an unimportant decision: noise.Spending time on projects that have no real positive or productive impact in our life or work: noise. Grudges: noise. Holding on to junk or clutter: noise. Are you starting to get the idea?

All of us suffer the ill effects of noise and yet few do much to turn it off or at least turn it down. Research is pretty clear that as little as a 5% reduction of the noise in our worlds has meaningful impact on our ability to relax, make decisions, be productive and increase a general sense of well being. Just a 5% reduction!

I encourage you to reduce noise in your life right now. Why? Because when noise is reduced, clarity can emerge. You can hear important messages. You will be healthier. You will be easier to get along with and more fun to be around. Here are some suggestions:

1. Mute your TV during commercials.
2. Resolve to let go of grudges, negative feelings and gossip.
3. Focus energy only on areas where you have some impact or control.
4. Throw stuff away.
5. Talk less.
6. Listen less.
7. Find a place and time to sit in total silence without any outside noise including music, etc.

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