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Is your life about transition or transformation?

You and I experience about 20,000 moments a day. Negative, positive, or neutral, they are moments nonetheless. Many of those moments result in change–change in thought, change of plans, change of attitude, etc.

My questions for you this month are: Are the changes that happen in your life and work simply transitions, or are they about transformation? Do you transition from one thing to another, or are you being intentional in the way you deal with change? For instance, if you are changing positions in your organization, transitional thinking would be about the money, status, and prestige, while transformational thinking/living would be about how it will affect who you are, its effect on your values and way of life.

I want to encourage you to live and work in a state of transformation. Transformation involves revolution or alteration. It is about creating a new way of being –not just doing things differently.

1. Think through the changes in your life before you make them.
2. Ask yourself questions, how will this change effect me, those I work with and those I care about? What can I do to insure positive personal transformation?
3. What are the unintended consequences of these changes?
4. How will you BE different as a result of this change
5. If it is a change that is happening to you how will you internalize it in such a way that it positively effects you at a deep level.
6. Be intentional about how you deal with it

Introducing Quintessence Leadership

Focus on the things that will transform YOU and your organization.

Years ago I was approached by an organization that wanted to do things differently. They asked me if I believed there was a way to make the development of leaders more predictable.

"Is there a verifiable way to help leaders perform better?"

I believed then, and I have PROVEN since, that yes, there is. It is Quintessence Leadership.

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