Managing Irritability


Episode Summary:

In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” Mike Staver addresses a question about increasing irritability and reactivity. He discusses whether these emotions are caused by external factors or internal factors. Mike explains that frustration tolerance and impulse control play a significant role in managing irritability. He suggests getting a physical check-up to ensure that all chemicals are working well and advises examining the pressure and irritants in one’s life. Ultimately, Mike emphasizes the importance of managing internal factors before external ones.

Key Takeaways:

  • Irritability and reactivity can be caused by both external and internal factors.
  • Frustration tolerance and impulse control are essential in managing irritability.
  • It is recommended to get a physical check-up to ensure all chemicals are working well.
  • Examining the pressure and irritants in one’s life can help manage irritability.
  • Managing internal factors is crucial in dealing with irritability.

Notable Quotes:

  1. “I think it is easy to get irritable. There are two things I look for when I coach somebody. The degree to which they have good frustration tolerance. That’s how much frustration can they take before they pop.”
  2. “Impulse control is the extent to which a person can contain their impulses to, say, do or be something that they would later be embarrassed or ashamed of.”
  3. “Honestly, manage the inside before you manage the outside. That’s what I always say.”

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