Peace on Earth?

The holiday season is here. Doesn’t feel very cheery, does it? The sentiment this time of year, regardless of the way you celebrate or whether you celebrate at all, is centered around the idea of peace. Let’s face it – you can’t really make a case for peace on earth at this point in human history. You can, however, make a case for peace in your life, peace in your relationships and peace in your heart and soul.

With the craziness and bias the media fills the airwaves with the relentless channeling of conflict onto our devices, it is difficult to cut out the chaos and disruption. You and I get to choose what we listen to, what we watch, what we talk about and, most importantly, what we think.
If you are going to pursue and celebrate the notion of peace (and it’s important that you do), there are choices you get to make and questions you get to ask. What will you NOT listen to for the next 30 days? (The news, negative people, excuses, etc.) What will you NOT talk about for the next 30 days? (Terrorism, other people, your problems etc.) The questions you need to ask are: What are the great things about my life? What am I grateful for? What relationships do I need to repair, eliminate or enhance? What is the one thing that if I did it consistently for the next 30 days, would do the most to bring me peace? Here are some suggestions of how to start:

1. Do an inventory of your closest relationships and ask how much peace you bring them. Determine some ways to add peace to their lives.
2. Establish awareness of what you allow your mind to dwell on. Do you dwell on what is good and right in your life and world?
3. Take the time to be grateful for a specific period of time every day (I suggest 3 minutes a day)
4. Eliminate 75% of the inbound news or negative information you allow in.
5. Find ways to acknowledge others positive and peaceful impact in your life (do it daily for 30 days).

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