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Hi, everybody. I’m Mike Staver. This is Mondays with Mike, a weekly video series where I answer questions from people just like you. Here’s this week’s question.

“Things are very different this year than they were last year. Our salespeople have come through two years of the most trying times in business in many years. Yet they are nervous and unsettled. They’re constantly talking about the economy and problems rather than focusing on selling. Focus is what I need help with. You’re the guy to help.”

So this is typical, right? This is typically what people do. People focus on things that are a threat. Your brain is pre-wired to do that, right? Your brain is pre-wired to look around and try to figure out what’s going to save them and what’s going to protect them.

So there are two things you can do. If you send an email to and in the subject line just put the words High Gain Activity, and then in the body of the email write “send me the High Gain Activity video” we’ll send you a video that you can share with your salespeople and yourself where I will actually teach them how to focus on the activity that gets them the greatest gain and that’ll help them a lot.

The second thing is there are two words I want you to remember. Acknowledge an ask. Acknowledge what their perception is right now. I realize interest rates are high. I realize inflation is high. I realize there are some challenges in the world. You’re absolutely right. What I’ve learned in my life is where you focus is where you go. So if I’m riding my motorcycle and I focus over there, I’m going to drive my motorcycle over there. So what you focus on is the direction you head. So what? And here’s the question. What could you focus on right now that you have total control over that if you focused on it, would help you be successful? What is it you could focus on right now that you have total control over? If you focused on it, you would be very successful. This is the big question around focus.

So I would send us an email. We’ll send you the video. You can show it to your sales team. And then in the moment where you’re right there, you need to ask the question “What do you have control over that if you focused on it right now, would help you move the ball forward?”

Hope that’s helpful, take care.

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