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Should I Confront My Boss?

Hi everyone, I’m Mike Staver and this is Mondays with Mike, a weekly video series where I answer questions from people just like you. Here’s this week’s question:

Dear Mike, I’m a leader in a company that is doing really, really important work. I love our mission, I love what we stand for, and I love who we do it for. I really don’t love my boss, however. Everything’s about her, she takes credit for good things and blames others for bad things. She acts nice to your face but criticizes you behind your back. I really don’t want to leave.

Do I confront it, do I share my problems with her, or do I just focus on the work?

I get a lot of these kinds of questions. They’re your boss, and unless your boss is really, really self aware, and really, really, really wants your feedback… no you don’t go into your boss and tell them you’re negative and you don’t like it. However, you can ask this question: “You know on that project last week, I worked really hard on it, and you didn’t even acknowledge that I worked on it and that didn’t feel good. Just wanted to let you know.” That’s what I call a test. You put that out as a test. So, you know, you could do that, but I think the better question to ask yourself is why do you stay in a company? Why do you stay in a business where you’re working for a boss like that?

So, I think you do your work, keep your head down, and if it’s egregious go in and say ‘Hey, you know what, I was a part of that and I’d like to stay a part of that, what are your thoughts?”

Hope that’s helpful, this is Mondays with Mike. Until next time, be courageous.

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