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The Future of Video Communication

Hi everybody, this is Mondays with Mike, a weekly video series where I answer questions from people just like you. Here’s this week’s question:

Video is now a norm. A few months ago most people did not even know how to use Zoom or other video platforms. As things return to the ‘new reality’ as you call it, will the norm of video usage fade, or do you think it will last?

Well, since you’re watching this on video, and since I do this every week, I’m a touch biased…

So here’s what you need to know. You better get good at it! That’s all I’m saying. You better figure out how not to have people looking up your nose, or looking down at them. You better have a good shot, you better have a decent camera (even if it’s your iPhone). You better have some decent lights where you’re not in the shadows. You better make sure behind you there isn’t somebody running around naked… You have to get good at it.

This is THE norm. Video is where it’s at, and it’s not just because I’m in an amazing studio with an amazing crew, it’s not because this is what I do, it’s because it’s the new reality.

Here’s the deal. Even if you don’t dig it, that’s fine, but you’re going to have customers and clients that will demand it of you. You better have it in your toolbox, because the answer to your question is yes it’s the new norm.

You don’t have to spend a bazillion dollars to be good at it. There are all kinds of ways to make video a part of your business, a part of your family, a part of your life, a part of your social events… Think of the friends and family members you haven’t seen or talked to in a while. Not because of COVID or societal unrest, but you just haven’t. You can invite them into a space now and connect with them face to face by video. It’s not like it used to be.

So yes, leverage video, use video, make video a part of your toolbox. You will be glad you did, business wise and personally.

Hope that’s helpful! Take care.

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