What do you think about when times are tough?

Every day we are faced with challenges in our personal and professional lives. These challenges are sometimes controllable but often are not. The fact is we are either dealing with a difficult issue now, or are about to, or have just finished dealing with one. Now, don’t you feel better? The key to success has everything to do with where your focus is. The brain is designed for only one purpose…to keep you alive! Any time the mind feels threatened, it wants to focus on that threat, which to me is a huge mistake. Whether the challenges you face are as simple as not getting a sale you really needed or as major as a death in your family, there are a few things I want you to remember:

1. Family and friends are long-term; money is short-term.
2. One good opportunity will change the entire direction of your circumstances.
3. Spend 90 percent of your time focused on the opportunities and 10 percent of your time focused on solving the problem.
4. Focus on what you are becoming — not on what you are or on what you were.
5. Schedule a fixed amount of time each day to deal with challenges. Once that time is over, MOVE ON to the things that will move you past the challenging time.

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