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What energy do you create around you?

As I write this, I am on a plane flying to Chicago. The reason I am going there is to do the first phase of a three phase series on leading.

This first phase, or pillar as we call it, is about culture and how culture drives results. At the core of that is a question. This question is one of the questions we must ask ourselves if we are to live a life of significance. “What energy do you create around you?” Your impact on others is real. The way you talk, the way you carry yourself, the way you treat others, etc. matters and it matters to anyone that crosses your path.

Whether you realize it or not your behavior contributes to the energy and story of what it’s like to be around you. What is it like to be around you? What energy do you put off? Are you aware of and thus intentional about your treatment of others, whether they are friend or family or stranger? Do you have the kind of awareness that causes you to slow down long enough to intentionally direct your energy in the most constructive and meaningful ways? If culture is how it feels to be in a group, then it seems that it would be wise to consider our own way of being.

Recently I was in a group of people at a social gathering. There was a guy that had a very difficult time relaxing and just having a simple normal conversation. Everything was a competition; I was exhausted when I left that gathering. I wondered, am I like that? Do I have the kind of awareness that would compel me to relate better? This month I encourage you to spend some time being aware of your energy and how you manifest that energy in the world around you. Be intentional about it.

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