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What To Do When Your Business Runs You?

Hi everyone! This is Mike Staver, this is Mondays with Mike, a weekly video series where I answer questions sent in from people just like you. Here we go:

Dear Mike, I’m feeling frustrated, tired, and burnt out with my job. I don’t enjoy it, I don’t want to do it anymore, and actually I’m starting to resent it. Oh, and one other thing, I’m the President of the company and the majority shareholder. What would you suggest if you were coaching me?

Well, first I would tell you that this is not an unusual syndrome that entrepreneurs and business owners go through. What tends to happen is that the business starts running them instead of them running the business. That they start serving the business instead of the business serving them.

What I want you to think clearly about is are you involved in activities on a daily basis that do not fuel your passion, fuel your love for why you got into your business? And are you allowing yourself to be drug down into minutia and details that you don’t need to be drug down into?

I know there’s a list a mile long of excuses why you have to be involved in things, but I’m telling you clearly you do not have to be involved in a significant percentage of the things you’re involved in.

Number two. Are you spending at least one day a month away from your office, rejuvinating, re-energizing, thinking about life, thinking about the business?

Number three. You need a life plan before you need a business plan. Most entrepreneurs that I know spend too much time developing a business plan and not enough time developing a life plan. Life tends to be kicked down the road in service of a business, and that’s exactly backwards. What you need to do is develop a life plan, and then force your business to be wrapped around it.

That’s what I would tell you if I were coaching you.

What I’d also tell you is go to and I will coach you! Take care, I’m Mike Staver.

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