Why should Billy Graham matter to you?

Regardless of your faith or lack of it. Regardless of whether you are an atheist an agnostic or a believer, Billy Graham is an example to us all. First let me say that I never hold any one person up as THE example of anything. But as I thought about how one person could have such an impact on the world it occurred to me there are specific reasons. These reasons are instructive for each of us as we contemplate our lives and our influence. Do your best to consider how your life could impact people in a deep and meaningful way as I share my insights about what made Billy Graham so influential.

Clarity. Clarity of purpose has to do with how focused we are on being clear and loyal to our life’s purpose. Graham was clear about what he was on earth for. Each of us would be wise to be mindful about why we are here. Perhaps it is raising children or world peace or teaching. Only you know what your purpose is. Resisting distractions is critical to our life’s work.

Humility. Recently I was speaking with a CEO. His wealth is significant. His success is impressive. As I listened to him position his question all he could talk about was himself. His only concern was how it would make him look. Interestingly enough, when I asked him if he was satisfied in his life he said no there is always more for ME. When you communicate do you listen more than you speak? Do you care more about others than yourself?

Kindness. To what extent are you willing to take a stand in kindness? If we want the world to be a better place kindness is a good place to start. Can you disagree without being disagreeable? Can you acknowledge another person’s position, status or opinion while kindly holding your position?

Focus. There is perhaps no better indicator of our influence than being able to eliminate distractions and focus on what matters. First understand what matters then focus on that.

I trust that you will be able to filter your life through these 4 simple ideas. May we all live a life focused on having an impact that counts.

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