Directing Complaints

Hi everybody, I’m Mike Staver. This is Mondays with Mike, a weekly video series where I answer questions from people just like you. Here’s this week’s question:

Mike, I’m a sales manager in a privately held small business. We do about $25 million a year in sales. Often people complain about certain policies and decisions that I have no control over. When I direct them to take their concerns to the owner, they refuse and prefer to just complain. What can I do to stop them from coming to me?

Don’t listen to it. Say “It sounds like you’re really upset, it sounds like you need to talk to somebody who can handle it, I’m not that person, John/Jane/whoever is that person, I encourage you to go talk to them.” That’s the best way to handle it. The minute you start listening to it you are going to become the repository for everything and you’ll find yourself bombarded with toxic negativity. Don’t do it! Focus on something you can help them with.

Hope that’s helpful! This is Mondays with Mike. Take care.

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