Does Sturgis SD matter to you? It should!

As you read this, I am on my way to (or perhaps already in) Sturgis for the 75th annual motorcycle rally. It’s THE biker event of the year. Whether you ride or don’t isn’t relevant. The rally matters because of what it means to me and to most of those that attend. It represents community, fun, connection, and disconnection from the day-to-day effort and work we all do every day. It connects me to the outdoors and a certain raw sensibility, but most importantly, it centers and grounds me. It returns me to my center.
It’s not the hundreds of thousands of bikes or crowds of people that do it. It’s not the heat or cold or rain or snow. It’s the power of doing something l love with great friends. It matters to you because every year when I first get on my bike and hit the road (I ride all the way from Florida) I think about people and if they have something that has the same spiritual, emotional and physical impact that this ride has on me.

I counsel you to find that thing. That thing that you love to do or to be a part of that does for you what riding my Harley and going to Sturgis does for me. To speak a cliché, life is short. Work is NOT the most important thing, finding your center and living in alignment with your core values matters and it matters the most. Burnout occurs when the work we do does NOT give us an adequate and positive return on our investment of energy.
What do you do that gives you energy? What are you doing to have impact in a way that fulfills and delights you? What do you participate in that touches you deeply and restores your purpose?

Here are some suggestions:
1. Consider what it is that restores your soul and increases your energy.
2. Ask yourself what it would take for you to intentionally participate fully in whatever that is.
3. Schedule time today to do it.
4. Eliminate excuses and obstacles and find a way.
5. Make a commitment to do it regularly.


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