Is Osama Bin Laden’s death relevant to you?

He’s dead and there’s no doubt about that! Last Sunday night, as I was watching news coverage and the President’s brief speech, I felt a sense of relief. It wasn’t relief because I felt safer or because a dangerous person was out of the way. It wasn’t relief because I will sleep sounder as I fly here and there. It was, I believe, relief because it closed a chapter. Stay with me here for a second.

We have been going through some pretty tough times in this country in the last three or four years. Economic collapse, high unemployment, real estate debacle, etc. and over and over I hear people saying, “When will ‘it’ be over?” The relief I felt is because in some small way the 9-11 tragedy is now more ‘over’. Perhaps the jubilation in the streets was less about a dead man and more about a collectible relief that we, as a citizenry, experienced some success and some sense of relief; our country could hold it’s head high and say “See, we can still be successful.”

On the road back from difficult times we all need ‘wins’. Things we can point to that give us hope and a sense that we are still viable, capable and can achieve. So maybe the flags on a couple of the cars coming to work Monday morning were just that, a “See, we can win!”

1. Find small wins every day that you can celebrate.
2. Recognize the accomplishments of others and how those accomplishments have positively impacted you.
3. Stay persistent in the cause you are on.
4. If you don’t have a cause, get one. Your life will be richer.
5. Immerse yourself in continual gratitude.

What can you share with your peers on this topic? Add a comment below to keep the discussion going.


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