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Does Donald Trump matter?

Yes he does and he should matter to you! Not because of who he is and what he says. Not because of his ironic popularity. But because of the EXACT reason that he is popular. Trump is a fascinating study in what it takes to influence and what it takes to be followed. Donald Trump is certain, angry and counterintuitive. If the public was not angry, if we weren’t fed up with the non specific, meaningless rhetoric that is politics in America, Trump would not have a chance. He reflects what most people feel. Exasperation, anger and fear.
So why should that matter? It matters because you can only influence others and gain their attention if and only if you can connect with them. Your kids do not care about the world you live in, they care about the world THEY live in. Do you spend energy and time understanding their world? Does your significant other believe you find their world more interesting than yours? Does your behavior reflect that? Do those you work with experience you as focused on them relating to them?

Trump (intentionally or unintentionally) has captured the emotional content of over 28 percent of republican voters because he connects emotionally. The fact is the same 28 percent are unlikely to vote for him because he seems to lack (at this point) a cohesive plan for turning his upset and emotion and American pride into action. You get it?

1. Relate to people where they are emotionally, physically, and behaviorally.
2. Learn their world and at least visit them there.
3. Build suggestions, plans and empathy based on their areas of focus.
4. Know your people in a way that connects you to who they are over what they do…most people will expect you to have an idea of what they do.

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