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Are you consistently connected?

By Mike Staver | January 22, 2019

On a hill overlooking the ocean in Otsuchi Town in northeastern Japan is a phone booth known as the “Telephone of the Wind”. It is connected to nowhere, but people come to “call” family members lost during the tsunami of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Many visit the phone booth including a mother and…

Are you polite?

By Mike Staver | January 22, 2019

If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything. It’s not what you say it’s how you say it. Once you’ve said it you can’t take it back. You can disagree without being disagreeable and on and on it goes. There are many, many clichés. Many wise words of counsel speaking to the need…

What energy do you create around you?

By Mike Staver | January 22, 2019

As I write this, I am on a plane flying to Chicago. The reason I am going there is to do the first phase of a three phase series on leading. This first phase, or pillar as we call it, is about culture and how culture drives results. At the core of that is a…

How are your relationships?

By Mike Staver | January 22, 2019

Relationships matter. All relationships matter. While many overuse the term it is a fact that they matter all the time. Most importantly who you are in relationships with and then how you RELATE to them. The primary issue facing relationships today is focus. Focus of time and energy has a direct and lasting impact on…

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

By Mike Staver | January 22, 2019

Are you hesitant to make a change?

By Mike Staver | January 22, 2019

This morning I read a quote: “That which we settle for takes up space for what we really want in life.” Pretty powerful, right? When we resist change, it is usually because of fear. Fear and anxiety are ALWAYS created because our minds create a scary story about ‘THE FUTURE’. Contrary to popular opinion, we…

How do you deal with change?

By Mike Staver | January 22, 2019

Many have said, “Change is difficult.” Here is something I want everyone to remember: Change is NOT difficult…unless and until we equate change with something dangerous or bad. Once your mind is convinced that it is going to be bad or dangerous, your brain literally triggers an alarm that causes you to repel the thought…

How do you make sense of the senseless?

By Mike Staver | January 22, 2019

I waited a long time this month to write this newsletter. I was very ambivalent about what to share with you. Now I am clear. I found myself watching the Today show this morning with shock and sadness as student after student recalled the tragic events on the Virginia Tech campus. Reggie, my business partner,…

Do you learn or do you just notice?

By Mike Staver | January 22, 2019

Every day, we are faced with opportunities to learn or just notice. I was recently speaking with a client; talking about how many times some people must go through the same thing over and over again before they really learn. And sometimes even then they don’t learn. The difference between learning and noticing comes in…

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Direct Communication

By Mike Staver | February 19, 2024

  Episode Summary: In this episode of “Monday’s with Mike”, host Mike Staver discusses the common tendency for people, especially couples, to talk more about their relationship and partner with their friends rather than directly addressing their concerns with their partner. Mike and his producer Marty emphasize the importance of open and honest communication in…

Shifting Priorities with Age

By Mike Staver | February 19, 2024

  Episode Summary: In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” host Mike Staver addresses a question from a viewer who is experiencing a shift in their priorities as they get older. The viewer is feeling pressure from friends and family to continue participating in traditions that no longer hold importance for them. Mike provides suggestions…

Nurturing Creativity with Structure

By Mike Staver | February 19, 2024

  Episode Summary: In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” Mike and Marty discuss whether true creativity can be nurtured in a structured work environment or if it requires freedom and chaos. They explore the idea of structured chaos and the importance of striking a balance between structure and freedom. Mike emphasizes the need for…

Finding Meaning in an Automated World

By Mike Staver | February 19, 2024

  Episode Summary: In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” Mike Staver discusses how to find meaning in work in an increasingly automated world. He emphasizes that the key to finding meaning lies in the impact of one’s work, rather than the methodology or automation involved. Staver encourages listeners to make life and career choices…

The Impact of Pursuing Material Success on Mental Well-Being

By Mike Staver | February 19, 2024

  Episode Summary: Welcome to “Mondays with Mike,” a weekly video series where Mike answers questions from viewers. In this episode, Mike discusses the impact of the pursuit of material success on our mental and emotional well-being. While money can buy certain things that bring temporary happiness, true and sustainable happiness comes from the people…

The Influence of Free Will and Destiny on Career Choices

By Mike Staver | February 19, 2024

  Episode Summary: In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” Mike tackles a deep and profound question about how concepts like free will and destiny influence our career paths and life choices. He discusses the importance of free will in making choices and how our backgrounds and beliefs shape our decisions. Mike emphasizes the need…

Impact of Social Media on Reality Perception and How to Manage It

By Mike Staver | February 6, 2024

  Episode Summary: In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” Mike discusses the impact of social media on our perception of reality and how to manage it. They explore how age and life experiences play a significant role in shaping our understanding of social media’s polished version of reality. Mike emphasizes the importance of being…

Understanding and Empathizing with Others: The Power of Listening

By Mike Staver | February 5, 2024

  Episode Summary: In this episode of “Mondays with Mike,” Mike Staver explores the question of whether it is possible to truly understand someone else’s perspective. While acknowledging that it may be difficult to fully comprehend another person’s perspective without having experienced it firsthand, Mike emphasizes the importance of empathy and connection. Understanding someone’s perspective…

Balancing Personal Ambition and Community Connection

By Mike Staver | January 29, 2024

  Summary: In this episode of Mondays with Mike, Mike Staver and Marty discuss the balance between personal ambitions and the need for community and connection. They explore the idea of sacrificing personal goals for the greater good and the importance of giving back to the community. They emphasize that personal ambitions and community involvement…

Technology & the Pursuit of Happiness

By Mike Staver | January 22, 2024

  Summary: Mike and Marty discuss the role of technology in our pursuit of happiness. They agree that while technology can enhance our path to happiness, deriving happiness solely from technology is not sustainable. They caution against becoming too dependent on technology and emphasize the importance of genuine human connection. Key Takeaways: Technology should shorten…

Personal Relationships & Professional Identity

By Mike Staver | January 15, 2024

  Summary: Personal relationships play a significant role in shaping our professional identities. Our values, priorities, and focus are influenced by the people we surround ourselves with. In today’s world, it is no longer possible to leave our personal lives at home, as our personal identities are brought into the workplace. While some individuals may…

Evolution of Work

By Mike Staver | January 8, 2024

  Summary: Mike discusses the concept of work and how it might evolve in the next 50 years. He mentions that many people today seem to be disinterested in work and even afraid of it. Mike predicts that work will become more technology-driven, with increased automation and remote work. He highlights a recent incident where…

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